Monday, 23 January 2012

PIC programmed and Powered Up

Was rather surprised to find my pic programmer, all the way from Canada, on my doorstep .

It was only 3 quid, but arrived super quick and it worked . Its this one

Just plugged into the back of an old laptop, read up for 5 minutes on how to do it and the pic was programmed!

Next was a simple case of finishing most of the digital circuit and the comms with the LCD. I have tucked it all in the corner of my stripboard so, hopefully, I will have enough room left for the Analogue Circuit.

I have left the activity LED on the board for now. It might stay there. 

To be continued

None of the inputs are grounded so there is loads of activity on all channels by waving my hand around. If I grab the Heatsink of the 7805, I have to bring my finger much closer to the pins like in the Tut by raj on the Edrum forum

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