Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back to the drawing board

Well the circuit seems to be working thusfar, but the Stripboard is starting to look pretty cack so I have decided to go back a step and try to make a PCB again.

So....printing onto the board with The Toner method failed for me.

What I have done here is reversed the Pearl 8.6 PCB layout and glued it to the Copper side of the board.
I spotted the holes thorough and joined the dots with a sharpie afterwards. Forgive the crap drilling ...:)

Ill etch it in a bit and see if there is any milage in this method...

1 comment:

  1. It worked!

    Have started soldering up now. I am back at the point I was but much neater.

    Going to use the Latest 16Ch firmware and see if the "connect this to this for 8CH" bit works. If not, ill stick a multiplexer on another board and route input 7 to it somehow. (Actually splitting at the 100R for input 7 would be easy. There is enough meat on the 5v/ 8V lines to drill holes for multiplexer power cables.

    Anywho, Must carry on soldering the analogue circuit now