Saturday, 21 January 2012

A couple pf PCB printing fails..Stripboard it is then

So I tried a few glossy magazines and photo paper I had lying around but couldn't transfer the layout onto the copper successfully... I am sure it is just a case of finding the right paper but, well, cant be arsed really.

OK so stripboard it is. Not a bad idea as you have to have a proper read of the schematics which helps with trying to understand it all. I have decided, too, to dump the Pearl layout in favour of the 16CH dig board. Illl stick the multiplexer on the board but link for 8 CH operation so I can expand later on. 

I have made a Start here with the Power supply section. The 5/8 v tests ok and I am ready to continue. (hope my 100ma regulators are man enough ) Need to stick the extra 2 tants to the agnd rail but will sort that later on

Next: PIC and LCD  . Must also remove the jack sockets from the old board and stick on this one. I am hoping that the hole  pitch is the same as the original ION board so it fits back in to the enclosure nicely!

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