Thursday, 19 January 2012

The IED05

I got the IED05 Super-cheap. Its fun to play but the bundled software has some vile sounds and you soon get fed up with all that. The USB interface basially recognises the IED05 as a multi-axis joystick so any VST instrument is going to have to interpret joystick commands as midi notes

My first experiment was using a glovepie script I found here

It worked well with a demo of Addictive drums, but I had problems with getting the retriggering right and I was constantly fiddling with values to get the sensitivity I wanted.

next I tried the excellent eTrigger   ( ) There was lots of functionality here, but try as I might, there was no response at all from the low velocity ranges so I gave up.

I was beginning to think I was fighting a loosing battle, when I came accross DSP TRIGGER

I plugged on of my pads directly to my Soundcard and  found that, actually, the pad itself has a very good response and a big range. Armed with this knowledge, I went on the hunt for a Midi Drum Module

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