Saturday, 4 February 2012

First Midi Test

Had another fart about tonight

1. Added a Clamping input to Multiplexer (copy of megadrum's analogue input) to use a Cymbal #2 . Works fact I might do the remaining ones like this. Grounded the rest of the unused inputs.

2. Chopped up my USB midi cable and soldered to board. Will eventually solder to the existing USB socket on the ION board

3. Connected up 9 mini jack sockets (without pots; I have only got one! )

Beer is optional

Also connected up the navigation buttons.

Connected up and it works fine, except I am getting some ghost notes here and there. I dont think it is from the Edrum as there is no channel activity (probably noise on the usb-midi )

To get over it, I tried filtering through the excellent ETRIGGER by aquawicket which worked really well to only send the  wanted notes. 

Next. Add some pots (maybe) and get it in an enclosure (maybe)

..or just stick it on the floor and play. Need to make a kick trigger though

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