Thursday, 16 February 2012

Everything is on hold until I get a USB-MIDI module...


Admittedly, my USB-MIDI thingy was only 3 quid and worked fine on my keyboard, but it might not be able to handle the edrum as well. As soon as I can get hold of an m-audio or edirol unit, ill restart the project.

I would love something like a UA 20 so I can plug my guitar in too. (I currently use a guitar-link copy which works but suffers from loads of noise

these go reasonably cheap S/H but maybe not cheap enough...


  1. OK

    Things have changed somewhat.

    I have bought a Trigger IO now. I figured it is only a few more quid to buy than a Midi-USB module and it will work right out of the box...

    It hasnt come yet but I will, of course, post my experiences :)

    1. funded by the sale of my precious Bike....