Sunday, 4 March 2012

Trigger IO plus IED05 plus a few bits and bobs

So here is the kit
  • Trigger IO
  • ION IED 05 Pads and HH pedal. All the original Cables cut and fitted with 1/4 TRS plugs
  • My Old Home Cinema setup...(some sonyorother)
  • Cheapo Yamaha Kick pedal triggering a rubber/ foam/ steel plate /piezo
  • Rubber/ Steel Plate/ foam Cymbal experiment (made from scrap)

It all works nicely. Kick is fine - just needs less gain and a higher threshold to stop triggers from pedal lifts
Pads all work with a gain of about 9 and are sensitive to really small strikes. I have left the pots in circuit on the pads  but turned all the way to full   Hi hat pedal does the job for now
"Cymbal" is super sensitive so I might have to dumb it down a bit. Need to have more of a filddle with the IO.

Best with phones of course, but nice to fire the guitar and amplitube up and use the pedals for a kind of simple stomp box which is kind of fun with the amp on. I have been experimenting with playing the guitar with one drumstick in my right hand...

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